Scale Model Update 4

Now I have taken some of the latest components such as windows and chimneys and added them on top of a roughly blocked out model of the main building. This is a helpful way of communicating my progress to others.

Scale Model Update 3

Here are some features of the main building that I am working on. The general shape of the main building is relatively simple. My plan is to make all of the small details of the main building like: windows, doors and drain pipes, then put them on top of a single large mesh with a relatively simple shape.

Scale Model Update 2

I have now finished the design for the table and ordered the materials. Here is a preview of what it should look like. (The final model of the school will be much more detailed than this one.)

About this Blog

I intend to upload some of my latest work to this Blog however not all of the things I post will be films, most of them will be stills or screenshots from projects that are in progress.

For now here are some renders of a scale model of my school that I am designing for my main A level Design and Technology Project.